Herbs for treating Depression and Anxiety

We have always been in awe of the treasure findings of the ancestral folk fore who have walked the earth over more than hundred years. One among them is the Herbal remedy that is proven to be effective even today. Herbal remedies were used for a wide range of diseases and disorders in those days. However, all these practices changed at the whip of time forcing the present generation to depend on chemical drugs. Though we have nearly moved towards chemical compositions for our ailments, herbal treatment remains to be in practice in most part of the world. With the present risk of side effects and the hazardous world that we live in, the rising popularity of herbal treatment cannot be brushed under the carpet as a temporary comeback. It can be touted as a step towards the rising dominance of natural treatments all over the world.

With people taking giant strides towards natural treatment for various illness, one such ailment that doesn’t spare even children is Depression. It leads to higher levels of anxiety when they enter adulthood, affecting the life significantly.

Statistics show that one in four women consume medication prescribed for psychiatric conditions. A report from the National Center for Health Statistics state that the rate at which teens and adults use anti-depressants has spiked by an alarming 400% between 1988 to 1994 and 2005 to 2008.

A recent government study states that

1) 12.7% of Americans above the age of 12 are in the practice of using anti-depressants.

  • Women seem to take anti-depressants more than men and their percentage is twice as likely to the men.
  • The percentage of Non-Hispanic White Americans who consume anti-depressants goes up to 16.5% which is about three times more than any race or group.
  • Most of the people who suffer from depression tend to take in anti-depressants without consulting a mental health professional.
  • Anti-depressants use doesn’t depend on income status.

So what do we infer from this? Why is this prevalent surge in the use of anti-depressants among public? Though it is natural to blame our hectic lifestyle, the role played by major pharmaceuticals in advertising their product and doctors who over-prescribe their patients can’t be denied completely. Though anti-depressants are effective and health professionals stand by it, one can never vouch for its universal effectiveness. And that is why natural treatment is much needed at the moment.

The effectiveness of Anti-Depressants:

An interesting study gives us a perception worth researching. It states that the anti-depressants are effective only on people who are on the verge of extreme depression. The effects tend to be non-significant in those who suffer from moderate symptoms of depression.

However anti-depressants can act differently for different people based on their condition and hence it can never be a complete solution for all. But it is wise to continue with your anti-depressant if it works well for you. If not, it is high time that you extend your reach towards an alternate treatment that could do the magic for you.

10 Herbs that can effectively combat Depression and Anxiety :

When it comes to natural treatment, you have a long list of natural herbs that could serve the purpose. The fact is that even the most effective herb might be unknown to us. But with the knowledge that has been passed over the centuries, here are the top 10 herbs that could fight for you in the battle against Depression and Anxiety.


Sam-e is a supplement that stands for S-Adenosyl methionine. It plays the role of the mood-boosting chemicals in your brain, acting as an artificial agent. Hence SAM-e is considered as a supplement rather than a medication in the US. FDA hasn’t tagged SAM-e to be a medication for the users in America. However, FDA rules out SAM-e as the approved product to treat Depression in the US. But health experts say it is prescribed as a medication to treat anxiety and depression in Europe.

However, intake of SAM-e with anti-depressants is not advisable. It is also important to know that SAM-e can cause stomach upsets and other related complications on huge doses.

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St. John’s Wort :

It is considered to be the best in the business when it comes to treating depression and anxiety. St. John’s wort herb is widely used to treat moderate depression levels effectively. The effect is as strong as the chemical antidepressants with very few side effects. It is also associated with anti-anxiety effects.

The National Institute of Health(NIH) states that St. John’s wort might help with moderate levels of depression in teens and adults. Additionally, a set of reviews have backed this effectiveness where milder depressions are said to be treated well compared to the prescribed anti-depressants. In some cases, experts found that it wasn’t as effective as it is regarded. But the effects are subjective based on the experiences of individuals.

Dosage :

The standard dosage of St.John’s Wort comes somewhere near 450mg, twice per day. But if you are a new user, you need to get used to the herb and it is advised that you don’t start off with 450 mg immediately. You can just raise the bar with smaller doses initially. Also, a doctor’s consultation is recommended before you take a final call on the dosage. The effects of St. John’s wort reaches maximum only after 4 weeks. But the major risk comes in the form of Drug interaction, where it could become toxic or cause any adverse effects on such reactions.

To list a few examples, John’s Wort interacts with blood thinner drugs, birth control pills and certain medications for chemotherapy. Hence it is wise to consult a health professional before you go about experimenting with St. John’s Wort.


Kratom is taking the center stage with its rising popularity in the west. As you know, Mitragynine Speciosa, commonly called as Kratom is a tree from which Kratom products are extracted. It was widely used for various therapeutic and recreational effects in Southeast Asia for over a number of centuries. Kratom contains two main alkaloids namely, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy mitragynine that help in relaxing the mind and acts as an effective tool against depression and anxiety. These alkaloids bind with the proteins in the opioid receptors, thereby facilitating better mood and memory power.

Kratom isn’t legal in all places due to its battle against FDA and the DEA, however there is no substantial evidence that Kratom is harmful to health. It does have its own side effects but at non-significant levels.

The right dosage for Kratom would be 7 to 9mg per day. It can be consumed either in the form of capsules or powder. But it is important that you take the dosage splitting it up for morning and night and not the whole 9mg at one go. You can also consult your doctor on the same and arrive at a decision that might be beneficial for you.

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Rhodiola :

Rhodiola Rosea, commonly known as Rhodiola is often described as the arctic root or the golden root. The herb is associated with an adaptogenic property that amplifies the resistance against stress in non-specific ways. The herb has its origin at high altitudes in the arctic regions of Europe and Asia. The medicinal properties of Rhodiola finds its place in a lot of research journal to have published in Sweden, Norway, Germany, France and Iceland. With its roots having been used as a medicine in Russia over centuries, it is still prescribed as a tonic to treat fatigue, memory and attention disorders.

Though it has certain side effects like dizziness which are mild in nature, it is considered to have a fast action compared to the conventional anti-depressants.

The standard dosage needs to be started with 100mg per day for a week, increasing 100 mg per week until it reached 400mg per day.

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Ashwagandha :

Ashwagandha is an Indian herb that has its roots in Ayurveda that can be traced back up to 6000 years. Ashwagandha has been used for various ailments including Depression and Anxiety. Ashwagandha reduces stress hormones, while enhancing intellect and provides protection against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Ashwagandha is proven to effective in other disorders as well apart from Depression. It can treat bipolar disorder, improve cognitive functions, increase reaction time, act as an anxiolytic and also in treating OCD.

A case study was conducted in 2011, where two treatment groups were provided with placebo and Ashwagandha respectively. The groups were asked to consume the products given to them at regular intervals for 60 days. After a point of time, it was found that people who consumed Ashwagandha had low anxiety levels compared to the one who took placebo. Later, the reports even established lower levels of cortisol in the herbal group. High levels of cortisol is the main reason for extreme stress. Apart from this, it causes mental fatigue at high levels. Hence the study concluded that Ashwagandha is as effective or even better than the antidepressant drugs without any sign of side effects.

300mg capsule of high concentration extract, twice a day is recommended for people who want to start off with Ashwagandha.

Rosemary :

You might have very well heard about Rosemary, which is a woody plant mainly incorporated for seasoning purposes. It is used in the practice of flavoring meat, potatoes and in many other dishes. This seasoning property extends its effects as an antidepressant. The ingredients include Rosmanol and Cirsimaritin. Rosemary makes a great seasoning tool in the Middle Easter dishes.

Thyme :

Thyme is composed of lithium and tryptophan and that is why it is used for depression and anxiety. They act as stabilizers and help in getting sleep at low dosages. It is usually used as a spice in cooking for roasts and eggplant dishes.


Kava root has been predominantly used in Polynesian Islands as a ceremonial tea. But it tends to be non-addictive and shows great effectiveness against anxiety disorder. The after-effects of KAVA consumption is similar to that of alcohol, leading to relaxation and decreased anxiety. However, it doesn’t lead you to addiction like alcohol. There are reports that KAVA can lead to liver toxicity but it was due to the use of incorrect parts of the plant.

KAVA is said to have similar effects as that of valium when it comes to treating anxiety. But the best part is that it tends to be better than valium since it improves the cognitive function unlike valium that decreases the function.

It is advised for consumption at 300mg once a day, for not more than 4 weeks.

Lavender oil :

Lavender oil is used for anxiety treatment since it induces calmness and sleep. It tends to reduce anxiety when it is consumed in the form of capsules, making contact with your intestinal barrier. It then makes you relaxed. Marketed as Lavela, it has been used as an inhalant for centuries. But it can be used depending upon your needs since it is non addictive in nature.

Valerian root :

Valerian root is a mild anti-depressant that enhances sleep cycle. It is regarded as the most effective herb for sleep. But it tends to make you tired and hence it is advised that you don’t consume it while driving or working. Otherwise, it will be effective as an anti-anxiety agent.

Valerian root is used in small doses up to 20mg or less as sleep teas. However, to reduce anxiety, you can go up to 600mg but it is advised that you don’t consume it with alcohol or any other anti-depressant medications.

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These 10 herbs might come to your rescue if you are someone who is suffering from depression and anxiety. This is the way to revolutionize your body for good health and wellness with the most natural route out there.