Can you use Kratom to Treat Anxiety and Depression?

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Are you suffering from anxiety or Depression? Well, there is nothing bad about it to hide it. Anxiety and Depression are a serious condition today, given the amount of stress people have to take up with respect to work, relationship, and health. These factors impact one’s life in ways no one could ever imagine. So, a condition like this is always treated with medications and other psychological treatments to channelize the mind in one line. If you have listened to suggestions already for the treatment of anxiety, then Kratom mustn’t have evaded your ears. If not and that makes you all the more curious, then let’s discuss in detail about Kratom and its association with anxiety and depression.


Kratom is basically a tree found in the lands of Southeast Asian countries. It is predominantly found in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and also in the islands surrounding these countries. The scientific name goes this way- Mitragyna Speciosa. The leaves are dried, crushed and then powdered to derive Kratom products. Kratom’s history can be traced back to many centuries, where the optimum use of this natural opioid was concentrated on recreation. The farmers used to chew on these leaves when other opium products were not affordable. It gave them enough energy to toil hard on the fields.

Now, the benefits of Kratom has expanded along with its popularity, bringing huge demand of Kratom to the West. In some parts of America, Kratom is administered as a dietary supplement. However, it’s complicated legal status makes it highly unfavorable in the States, since the FDA hasn’t approved of it for the treatment of anxiety and Depression. Though it is mainly used for chronic pain conditions, many people do use Kratom to treat anxiety. The effects have not been proved entirely but still, Kratom is considered to be a potent solution to anxiety. However, let’s dive into the benefits and risks to understand the bigger picture.

Kratom’s mechanism for Anxiety and Depression :

Kratom shows similar effects as that of other opioids like morphine, though Kratom isn’t an opioid. This is due to the presence of alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine in Kratom leaves. These alkaloids form a bond with the receptors in the brain and influence the mood, along with the interference of pain signals. Kratom mainly influences the delta receptors which explains the reason behind its anti-depressant effects. However, there is no scientific proof as to how it works. Based on user experience, reports state that Kratom can make your mood better by providing relief against anxiety. Also, research states that Kratom can impart sedative effects.

Other prominent benefits :

Kratom not only treats anxiety and depression, but it also proves to be a potent solution for these health conditions.

1)Chronic Pain

2)Muscle pain

3)Weakness due to fatigue

4)Increased blood pressure

5)Drug addiction



8)Low immunity

Though Kratom is also considered to treat cancer and sleeping disorders, more research is needed to back up the claim.

Kratom, the tree found in the Southeast Asian countries, goes by different names due to its century-old trails. Some of the important names are Biak, kekum, thang, ketum, and thom. At low doses, kratom can provide energy, whereas, at high doses, it can act as a sedative.

Kratom is currently illegal in some parts of the world like Australia and Thailand. This is due to the fact that the natural drug hasn’t been proved scientifically to treat various illness and disorders without any side effects.

The Usage of Kratom 

Kratom is consumed in a variety of ways that include, powder, extracts, capsules, gum, and tinctures. Due to the bitter taste of Kratom, most users prefer the capsule form for ingestion. However, the bitter taste can be eliminated on brewing the dried powder with tea. The extract is a concentrated form of the powder and hence needs to be used carefully. The practice of smoking Kratom is not that popular. No specific methods have been listed out to prove which mode of consumption is best suited to treat anxiety and depression and hence, you can always opt for that particular form that you are comfortable with.

Strain Varieties :

Strains denote the different types of Kratom that are available in the market. The variety in the strains might be due to the origin of that Kratom or due to other factors. However, each strain of Kratom tends to show slightly varied effects on individuals. Though there is no scientific proof to back it, these conclusions are based on the available anecdotes. It is important to know about these strains and its effects so that you aren’t misled.

Maeng Da Kratom refers to the strain that is quite strong and everlasting. It comes in three variants – Red, White, and Green. Though the origin of Maeng Da has its roots in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia also produce these strains. It acts as a potent stimulant producing energy bursts and also helps in pain reduction.

The Indo Kratom comes from Indonesia and it can impart feelings of well-being along with mood improvement. This strain that comes in red, white and green is said to be effective to treat anxiety. Green Malay, which is found in Malaysia is also said to have the properties of treating anxiety and depression. Energy and focus are two main points that Green Malay Kratom offers at low doses. At high doses, they tend to act as a sedative. Other varieties like Thai and Borneo are also available that cater to different effects.

Dosage Guidelines :

The dosage of Kratom for Anxiety and Depression can be quite subjective since only you can be sure how much your body needs for the effects to act. However, it is recommended that you start with low doses and then amplify it going further based on the effects. Starting off with high doses can cause some serious risks. The dosage also depends on age, sex, and other factors. For example, you can’t consume equal quantities of concentrated kratom and Kratom powder. 5 grams of powder consumed for three times a day is said to be the average and needed a level to treat any symptoms. Based on the advanced users’ reports, it is to be noted that 1 to 5 grams come under low dosage, 5 to 15 under moderate and more than 15 grams is considered to be very risky. Based on these categories, the effects also seem to vary.

Kratom experience and effects

Kratom’s effects depend on a variety of factors. Upon consumption, it is said to bring about an experience of euphoria, improved mood and focus. The effects of Kratom might take 5 to 10 minutes to kick in. Apart from the benefits like increased energy and decreased pain, Kratom has certain negative effects or risks too.

Some of them are :

1)High Blood pressure

2)Liver problems

3)Kidney related issues

4) Psychological problems

2016 was a bad year for Kratom, with various deaths being linked to the consumption of Kratom. However, they were all due to the interaction of Kratom with other agents or chemicals. Kratom is spiked with other agents by sellers for their business. This activity is condemned by all and hence strict regulations have been imposed to prevent the adulteration of Kratom.


If you are planning to use Kratom for your anxiety condition, then it is important that you research a lot and consult a medical practitioner for guidance. Keep in mind that the tracking of dosage is very necessary. Also, be cautious when it comes to the interaction of Kratom with other agents. Otherwise, if it suits your body well, then you may continue using it for expanding the horizons of health and wellness in your life.

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