Disorders due to Anxiety

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety occurs when a person feels worried or nervous when a tough situation occurs. It also arises when a person is extremely happy or has a desire to achieve something. This anxiety tends to become a disorder in a few people.

What is an Anxiety disorder?

Anxiety is not something which shows symptoms like other diseases or disorders. When a person has a repetition of feelings or stress it shows that the person is suffering from anxiety disorder. It occurs in all age groups and is treatable.

Symptoms of Anxiety disorder:

1. A Sudden increase in heartbeat

2. Gastrointestinal problems which occur when you think a lot about your problems

3. Insomnia

4. Being tired

5. The urge to forget your problems

Types of anxiety disorders:

Anxiety panic attacks:

The word panic clearly explains the symptoms of this disorder. Yes, it is stress or pressure due to a demanding situation. It may also occur due to overwhelming fear. The types of fear include the thought of death and the fear to face a situation. When this fear becomes uncontrollable it leads to heart attack, stomach upset and insomnia.

Generalized Anxiety disorder:

This disorder affects a person psychologically wherein they are intensely worried about their family, money, and work. Most people with GAD find it difficult to overcome this disorder. It is not a long-lasting disorder but causes side effects like insomnia, muscular pain and irritability. These can be treated by medication or by undergoing certain behavioral therapies. But these treatments have certain side effects like nausea and sexual problems.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder:

The obsessive disorder occurs when there is stress on an existing issue. For example, if you are a person who follows all kinds of hygiene and cleanliness, but finds something unhealthy, you cannot be at rest until you set it all right in its place. The state of mind for the people of this disorder cannot be treated with any sort of medication. We have to make them satisfied by doing things perfectly and on time.

Post-traumatic stress disorder:

When a terrifying event occurs or is witnessed by a person it leads to post-traumatic stress disorder. Causes of this disorder are any nightmares or sad memories. Some changes in mood and thinking pattern leads to a serious issue if it lasts for about 6 months. It can be treated only after visiting a doctor. Consulting a doctor in the initial stage is advised otherwise it may lead to suicidal thoughts.

Social Anxiety disorder:

It is also called the Social phobia. When a person has to meet new people, attend an interview or any public meetings causes fear and it sometimes goes beyond their control. This can be treated by therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which teaches on how to behave and react to different situations.

Anxiety due to separation:

This type of anxiety occurs in very young children belonging to the age of 8 to 14 months. The symptoms are:

•    Thought that their parents will leave them and go is a separation anxiety disorder.

•    Fear of attending school.

•    Unwillingness to sleep, thinking when they wake up no one will be beside them.

•    Wetting the bed

This can be treated with medication and psychotherapy. But all this will not give the complete cure. Only preventing will give better results. Recognizing the child’s thoughts and acting accordingly will help to reduce this disorder.

Phobias and Fears:

Phobia is a kind of fear with a certain reaction. The ratio of fear to danger would have gone out of proportion for people with the phobia.  For example, if a person has the fear of dogs he/she will be afraid to go to school if there are dogs in front of his school. These types of phobias can be overcome only by facing those fears. Write down the list of fears you have and start doing them. You will get rid of Phobia.

The basic emotion of a person is fear. When you come to know that something is going to happen, your heartbeat will certainly rise. These kinds of thoughts are called fear. When a person is afraid of the balloon bursting then he has to stand against it and start bursting them by himself.

Derealization and Depersonalization:

The symptoms of Derealization are:

•    Being alone during childhood

•    Fear of being abused

•    Death of their loved ones unexpectedly

These can be treated diagnostically by making them understand that those are not true incidents. Sometimes physical tests are carried out. Various techniques are followed to cure this disorder. They are Cognitive, Behavioral, Grounding and Psychodynamic techniques. If this disorder arises due to stress, complete recovery is possible. If not, it becomes chronic.

Does Anxiety disorder have proper treatment?

The major treatments carried out are

•    Speech therapy

•    Medical therapy

•    Practicing exercise

•    Mediations

The best way to treat is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This helps a person to change his way of thinking, gives him a positive approach to all sorts of problems and the ability to face issues. By doing this therapy it does not give immediate results, but continuous practice will give you the best outcome. Anxiety usually is a demotivating factor which can also be overcome by meditation, yoga, and acupuncture. Apart from all these try to set up your own kitchen garden with some beautiful flowers which will give you a peace of mind and relief from anxiety.