Privacy Policy

Access to this website,, is only to be granted to a user after he or she has provided their banking information and personal details.This is required to be submitted as soon as a user begins using the website and if they choose not to provide said information, their access to the website will be completely restricted.

As it is the authorities and affiliates of this website that maintain access to any and all information submitted by users, this website’s privacy policy has been established largely with respect to the website authorities and affiliated persons thereof. This is hereby to safeguard the rights of any consumer who submitted their personal information so as to use the websites programs and services.

Collecting User Data

Without any external provocation or prompting from the website, a number of details are to be provided by the user before he may be permitted to further access the website.The following information is to be submitted freely by the user and processed in the manner listed below.

  • For a user to register with the website, he must first agree to submit basic details including, but not limited to, his/her name, address and contact information, for collection and storage. Without the user’s consent, the website cannot access any information.
  • While the user manually submits his personal details, a non-violate software application automatically collects another set of information from the user which include his IP Address, Browsing Application, time of logging on tothe website and his Cookies data.
  • Certain regulatory documents, as directed and specified in the provisions of the website’s policy, must also be submitted.  
  • This privacy policy cannot be extended to apply to situations in which the user has clicked on an externally linked advertisement or a link to a third party website, whether consensually or accidentally. If personal information of the user is collected on an external website due to the clicking of an advertisement, this website holds noresponsibilities and makes no guarantees regarding the safety and efficacy ofsaid external websites. Consumers thus click on such links at their ownrisk. 
  •  On submission of personal information bythe user, the information is not usually verified to check for accuracy of the information provided. However, with that being said, it is in the best interest of the user to provide the website with accurate and truthful information. This fosters a better relationship between our website and its consumers and it also ensures that the user is kept up to date with all information regarding medicines products and does not miss out on anynew releases.

Logic Behind Collecting User Data

Why do we collect the personal information of all of our users? Frankly put, it is simply to ensure that the service we provide to our customers can continue long term with minimal disruptions and without any prompting from the user. Our primary goal is to ensure that the user remains updated on all things medicines, and to provide you with the best service. Here are a few of the reasons we might need user data :

  •  To ensure we have the identification ofthe person with whom we’ve entered into an agreement with for use of ourwebsite.
  • To best determine their preferences so wemay offer more facilities catering to their individual specifications.
  • To begin a rapport with the user thatcould build a base for better communication in the future, thus creating adialogue to keep the user informed on the various services provided by thewebsite and allowing him/her to voice freely any queries or concerns he/she mayhave.
  • To better understand areas in which thesite needs improvement, and to strengthen the effectiveness and accessibilityof our website as per user requirements.
  • To approach users individually withtargeted scheduling and sales, determined by the information submitted, asopposed to mass disruption of users, many of whom may have no interest in theproduct being campaigned for.
  • To one day have the data to create astatistical analysis of all users of our website, their preferences, the effectivenessof the website, the results of usage of medicines and many other details that can best becharted over an extended period of time and multiple uses.


 In order to properly maintain the regulation and dispersal of specified services as per customerpreferences, most personal information submitted by users is stored. However,all information submitted to us is kept strictly confidential unless the userwishes to make his profile available publicly or make use of a third party website.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

In order to disclose personal information of users to third party websites, the following regulations must be followed :

  • The user whose information is to be disclosed to the third party must give his consent to lend his details.
  • If a user decides he wants access to a third party website, in order to make full use of those alternate portals, his details must be submitted to them so as to ensure unlimited access. In such a situation, our website can transfer the information of the user to the concerned website.
  • For the responsibility to remain within the jurisdiction of our websites policies, such a transfer of information would be treated as part of a sale or part of a transaction for a business ad.
  • If the obligation remains within our hands, we will ensure that all user information remains confidential. This is however subject to the user maintaining good relations with the third party website and not violating any policies specified in the third party’s agreement. 

Modification of Data

  • Personal information submitted by users can be modified or updated in accordance with their preferences and are not barred by time.
  • Privacy functions for their profiles can also be altered as per the user’s desires, with the help of the website’s “accessible sections”.
  • If the user wishes to remove any data submitted and stored to the website, there are no restrictions for the same and they may do so freely. 

Securing Your Personal Data

We consider it our personally responsibility to take all possible precautions from our end to ensure that all user information is protected from any possible illegal activities that may be conspired by third parties or external sources. We maintain constant technical safeguards and are always moving towards developing them further. We also work actively to protect our users from theft or illegal transfer of their information, as well as unapproved modifications or publishing and anything that amounts to violations of the users rights insofar as breach of agreement, between users and our website or third party websites, is concerned.

Modification of Privacy Policy All rights to amend and modify this privacy policy are in the hands of our website, If a change in policy has been agreed upon and approved, details of the amended policies will be intimated to all users along with the new policy update which is to be in force from the date of its publication.