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All information, graphics, images, etc., published on this website are done so to provide some guidance and clarify certain doubts that consumers or medical practitioners may have with respect to use of medicines products and it’s extracts and by-products. The website is only an information platform, with pictures and articles to better explain basic concepts and is in no way intended to be a replacement for trained and practiced medical professionals or provide an alternative to medical suggestions made by professionals for diagnosis or treatment. Our website has no intention to and does not provide medical services in any form. If any user of our website at any given point suffers from a medical emergency, it is our request that they seek immediate help from their local medical professional. Great care is taken by our staff regularly to ensure the information published on our website is accurate and when possible, updated regularly. However, the information published is subject to the constantly improving medical regime and is by no means unwavering and unquestionable. A consumer that chooses to rely solely on our website and the opinions and analysis published by our team and professionals instead of approaching their own professional doctor does so at their own risk. Our website exists to help foster a better understanding of the use of medicines but is not the equivalent of a medical professionals opinion. In fact, we advise the information on our website to be considered alongside the medical opinion expressed by a doctor consulted by the consumer, so as to create a well-rounded perspective for the consumer.


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Our website has incorporated links to external websites in our content, where customers have required more information than those detailed in our articles, videos, etc. These links are to external websites that similarly deal with the use of medicines products among other medical products. The inclusion of these links is to supplement the information users want with more access. By doing so, our website is in no way validating them. We bear no responsibility or liability with respect to the legitimacy and authorization of the external websites nor the accuracy of the information published by them.


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