Testosterone – Depression Treatment

Depression has always been a problem in today’s working environment. Scientists and medical professional are working on treating depression using testosterone as a fighting agent . Many meta-data analysis and experiments are being done recently to draw a more larger and clear picture on this issue.

Depression is considered the major problem found in most of the individuals from this generation and it is said that around 16.1 million people suffer from depression in United States alone. Recently The World Health Organization (WHO) has specifies in their report depression as “ the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide “.

There are certain drugs available in the market to fight depression but it is not assured that it works for all the individuals who tends to take that, in some worst cases, some doesn’t give even get short term relief when using these anti depression drugs. When we consider the ration of the people affected by depression on the gender basis , it is estimated that women experience depression twice as that of men and it is believed that around 100 million men are affected around the globe which is so alarming.


Testosterone has always been a topic of debate among the scientists weather they can be used to fight depression . The Testosterone Replacement therapy was started 50 years back and still Is considered to be in construction . But what actually is Testosterone ? Testosterone is a naturally occurring steroid in the male body and it is said to be the reason for all the physical changes that happens in a man and not only that , it is said to secrete a hormone which enhances the mood and often called as the happy hormone. Doctors have discovered that testosterone helps to boost the production of serotonin which Is useful for fighting depression. Many studies have stated that the level of testosterone gets low as men age and eventually there is a higher possibility of depression in them.

On the contrary some scientist states that testosterone has nothing to do with depression which makes it a top of debate between the doctors and scientist working on them . But it is proven that this has been more helpful for at least some of the individuals without any doubt.


In the literature research, an experiment was done where 1890 participants were included and was tested with placebo controlled clinical trials. The results were shocking when they found that testosterone had mils anti depression effect when compared to that of the placebo. They also found that testosterone was effective only when taken in higher doses and this was the first time that a experiment has suggested the intake of higher doses  to generate a anti depressive effect on the subject.

During the early stages of the study, it was believed that men with low testosterone level had positive effect to that of the men with higher testosterone levels , but later many studies and experiments made the doctors to come to a conclusion that the initial testosterone level has nothing to do with the testosterone taken later for the anti depression effect .

When it comes to the other gender , even smaller doses can be effective in fighting depression and it is not that women has to take testosterone on regular basis, but at regular intervals . If not, they can even balance the hormone with some of the foods that helps in to increase the production of testosterone.

Any food rich in vitamin D can be helpful in increasing testosterone levels. egg yolks, oysters, beef, sea food are some of the examples of the food that boosts the testosterone level In body .

There are many brands of synthetic testosterone available in the market, the possible way if including these hormones Is by injecting or by the patches you wear on your skin and even topical gel that gets absorbed by your skin. But always keep in mind that taking and steroid not under any guidance from the doctor is always dangerous .